CPN aspires

to become the most admired
and dynamic regional retail property developers.
As all CPN personnel are essential in driving competitive edge for the business, CPN has included human resource development in its organizational strategies.
Apart from ensuring CPN people are happy, engaged and ready to engage customers, partners and communities, CPN also prepares employees to be strong leaders and professional team members with management potential.
Our employees are CPN’s brand ambassadors everywhere CPN operates. To achieve this challenge in the long term, CPN has drawn up a human resource development and management plan which addresses 3 key challenges:
  • Expanding our rank: Recruiting talent
  • Enhancing people’s capabilities
  • Becoming an employer of choice
Our rank: Recruiting talent
CPN has streamlined its recruitment method, using various tools to address business needs, company values and international guidelines on human rights. CPN treats all prospective employees equally, impartially and with respect for their human dignity without discriminating based on nationality, skin color, race, gender, age, disability or any other personal attributes unrelated to their duties. CPN, therefore, pays attention to fair recruitment processes, taking into consideration educational qualifications and experience as well as other abilities required for the job.
With plans to expand the business to provinces throughout the country and to boost job creation and income distribution, CPN actively recruits capable and skillful local people. Staff who feel they would be happier working in their hometowns are encouraged to seek a transfer, as CPN includes staff in its efforts to raise people’s quality of life and promote economic activity in the provinces.
People’s Capabilities
CPN supports staff in enhancing their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to achieve career excellence that matches the organization’s needs. The company also aims to prepare the business for domestic and overseas competition through the CPN Academy which is supervised by the Curriculum Development Committee to ensure equality and impartiality.
Looking to the Future
The path forward to strong corporate growth
As part of its long-term strategy of continuous property development
CPN created a roadmap for building capable leaders and strong teamwork, the details of which are described below:
Equal opportunities to learn
CPN provides training to all staff to raise their potential and benefit their career growth. Our people are trained to meet the requirements of their respective jobs through Individual Development Plans (IDPs), which provide knowledge and skill enhancement training, as well as functional and managerial skill training.
Easy access to knowledge
CPN provides training to employees in all regions, using the same facilitating team. Our staff can also access training provided through 13 e-learning courses with no limitations on time and place.
CPN Knowledge
A variety of development courses cover the following six areas 1) on-boarding program, 2) functional courses for development of knowledge on shopping center management, 3) CPN Code of Conduct and related standards of operation, 4) management courses, 5) leadership courses at appropriate levels, and 6) knowledge of language and culture.
To encourage CPN people to apply their skills and capabilities more effectively, personnel development now focuses more on on-the-job training and coaching by higher supervisors instead of traditional classroom training.
“Provide Well-Being”
an Employer of Choice
CPN aim to promote staff well-Being. We look to increase employee engagement and retain personnel through the following measures:
Compensation and benefits: CPN provides a higher benefits scheme than the general labor market.
Senior executive administration: A scheme is prepared for both horizontal and vertical communication through activities including the Annual Meeting Conference, Quarterly Performance Review, Management Information Meeting, Communication Day and meetings at the branch, division and department levels.
Opportunity for development and growth: Review the appropriateness of individual KPIs annually. Focus on learning through on-the-job training. Broaden knowledge through training with CPN Academy courses and outside courses that enhance employees’ development.
Work environment and working atmosphere: CPN has organized a workplace adjustment project to rearrange limited workspace to accommodate a larger workforce as well as a “Big Cleaning Day” project to ensure a tidy, clean and safe workplace. CPN also forges happiness in everyday work through team-building activities aimed to promote good relations within units, including customized relationship building activities under the theme of “CPN Stronger Together.”
Respect for employee’s right: CPN respects individual rights in forming free groups under the corporate governance structure. However, CPN does not have a labor union, and CPN staff are not members of other labor unions.
Career Path
CPN grooms its new generation of leaders, and most of them have grown on the “promote from within” principle. The company arranges leadership development training to prepare our future leaders at different levels.
The long-term plan focuses on grooming people and teams to grow along each individual’s career path and in line with business expansion, both in and outside Thailand. Supervisors take charge of their staff’s individual career development plans, which consist of individual career plans along with Individual Development Plans (IDPs). Assessment outcomes, in tandem with annual performance results, will form part of the review to identify high potential employees and conscientious employees who will undergo future capacity building.
CPN continues to maintain a succession plan for certain key positions within the organization—including senior executives—as part of the plan to ensure leadership growth with organizational expansion.