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The company must ensure that employees at all levels are able to find growth and development in their career alongside the company’s success.
Mr. Preecha Ekkunagul
President & CEO
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we do some research on the potential of the city and the location to find out whether it would be worth it and to make sure it wouldn’t be a setback to the community.
Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat
Senior Executive Vice President 
Business Development and Project Construction 
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CPN is offering space for everyone to be a part and contribute as part to be a contributing part of the community
Ph.D. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana
Executive Vice President, Marketing
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In addition to such services, we also are serving the society as we work to ensure that our measures to save energy are adopted effectively – for example
Mrs. Panida Sooksridakul
Executive Vice President, Property Management
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The primary concern of our leasing department is how to help them grow in a sustainable fashion.
Mr. Chart Chirathivat
Senior Director, Leasing and Tenant Relations
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well-being also has been our priority as we have always tried to build engagement and keep our employees happy
Ms. Naparat Sriwanvit
Senior Executive Vice President, Finance, Accounting and Risk Management
Company Secretary
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People do their best work when they feel valued. That is why CPN is committed to providing an attractive and versatile benefits program that goes beyond the basics. Our benefits are designed to support CPN employees in valuable ways, both in their careers and in other areas of their lives.
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